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I am using VMware Update Manager for the upgrade, which failed at 93% with the following error: “Cannot execute upgrade script on host“.A short investigation of both /var/log/vmware/on the ESXi host and C:\Users\All Users\VMware\VMware Update Manager\Logs on the Update Manager didn’t offer any clues.After upgrading NSX Manager 6.3.2 facing issue with NSX manager and EAM, VIB is continuously failing.“Problem with ESXi host preparation and specifically the error ‘Dependencies of the VIB which is updating the ESX image cannot be satisfied by the host”.Now at this point all the Hosts are in ready state.So early March this year I decided I was going to get VMware Update Manager working so I didn’t have to use esxupdate to patch my vm’s.

Probably to a networkconfiguration which was in the local.tgz? The next bit was for the creation of the ODBC DSN when creating the SQL server instance for the update manager database.After a flawless upgrade to ESXi 5.1 of one of my HP Microservers N36L, upgrading the second N36L gave some issues.Thanks to Conor Scolard he found that NSX manager is trying to install old VIB as you can see in logs.After upgrading NSX manager 6.3.2 it should be “6.5.0-0.0.4463934″=========================================================================== https://vcenter IP/eam/mob, it’s not working then “rebooted v Center” and after that this start working. NSX Firewall But before that how to identify that Agency is corrupted. type enable and provide password.=================[email protected]nsx.domain..local’s password:nsx.domain..local en Password:===========================================================================2.

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As you can see here we have older version of VIB.(NSX Manager is on 6.3.2 version) Under NSX Component Installation on Hosts Clusters & Hosts is known as “Agency” and this mean Agency is corrupted.===========================================================================Now only option is to Delete Agency and it will automatically create new Agency and pick the Latest VIB drivers. After this if you are working with VMware then tech support guy will type their secret password to enable “Engineering Mode”===========================================================================3. Click on this and after that click on “Destroy Agency”.4. Just follow the same path and check the VIB version and you will see this time it’s updated with newer version.6.

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