Updating is not supported by data source sqldatasource1

Rad Grid provides an API for inserting new data, updating existing data and deleting data from the specified data source.You can use these features while writing very little code.another problem when i keep datasource2 in LV1 selected template but datasource2 is not binding lv2.. I am trying to get a parameter for my update from the gridview but it is an ID column that I do not want displayed.NOTE for Hibernate and JPA users: When you use JPA, or use Hibernate as a full ORM system (ie, not just allowing Smart GWT Server to drive Hibernate as a data access layer), the beans returned on the server-side are live.This means that if you make any changes to them, the ORM system will persist those changes.

For a live example that demonstrates automatic data source operations, see Automatic operations.

The extraction of all values is necessary when the data source control has Conflict Detection="Compare All Values" (the default Data Source control behavior).

The Sql Data Source will update all the fields defined in the Update Command.

It is also possible - though obviously a more substantial task - to override the execute() method in your custom Data Source.

This is one way of creating a completely customized Data Source implementation.

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You must configure the data source so that it supports the automatic operations.

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