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Where AVG has a good advantage is in the number of false positives (lower than both Antivir and Avast, both of which exhibit comparable numbers of false positives).

However, AVG scores another strike against it in terms of its scanning speed, which is significantly slower than the other two.

Here is the output of chkdsk from the cmd window chkdsk The type of the file system is NTFS.

but even disabling that and proceeding result in an error on launch of the program.

Summary of findings: Antivir and Avast and both have excellent and comparable detection rates.

Not only are these on par with the best commercial program, Antivir in fact has the best detection of any program free or paid according to AV-comparatives.org’s numbers.

In fact email scanning as such may be completely redundant and a waste of time; see this article for more info. It is best in terms of performance and, with the recent addition of an antispyware component it has become even more desirable.

They are also most likely the top three best freeware antivirus programs.

The reason I am not expanding this discussion to other programs is because it is much easier to limit the scope to software tested in AV-comparative.org’s tests, where there are hard numbers to back up any claims.

You will get an Installation Complete screen when it's done running.

C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\Check : It could take 15 minutes or more to run.

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