Updating my mio gps

In fact, the the device makers behind Mio also manufacturer GPS devices for several other brands… So how does the c310x perform against other devices in this class?

And Mio isn’t a brand that people typically think of first when they think of GPS devices, but perhaps they should.

While it has the standard 3.5″ display, it is a little bit wider than other devices such as the Nuvi 350 or the Tom Tom ONE.

The extra width accommodates four buttons along right right side of the device.

A menu opens on the bottom where you can then click ‘Route to’ and you are on your way. You click ‘Menu’ – ‘POI’ and then being navigating the categories and subcategories of POIs.

The default search is for POIs around your location, however you can change the reference point to search for POIs in another city.

For example I couldn’t remember how to force day/night modes.

It is very thick and you cannot control the up and down tilt of the display without two hands unscrewing the joint.

And each “click” of the tilt moves it too many degrees. But if you can set it and forget it you might only have to deal with those issues once.

This brings up my second issue with the Mio c310x interface, the icons.

In many, many places they use just icons, no text, to describe the button.

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