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After the scan is done, the current version of your TV's firmware and the firmware version detected on the thumb drive are displayed in a dialog box.Choose "Yes" to install the firmware update from the thumb drive.When the download reaches 100%, the message will change to "Verify" within a few seconds this will change to a countdown of 5 seconds, when the countdown reaches 0 seconds the TV will reboot.Once the TV restarts the software update will begin. When the progress bar reaches 100% the TV will restart and the software update process will be completed.Connect a thumb drive with enough available storage to hold the firmware update you just downloaded, and then format the thumb drive to ensure nothing else is on it.Copy the firmware update file onto the thumb drive, and then remove it from your computer.Click "Yes" to update the TV to the latest firmware version.The file associated with the firmware update will be downloaded and the install begins automatically.

Choose "Software Update" and then enter the four-digit security code you set up on your TV.

Select "Manual Update" and then select "Network Update." The Sharp Aquos scans to see if an update is available.

After the scan is done, the current version of your TV's firmware and the updated version of the firmware are displayed in a dialog box.

If a software update message appears and you would like to install the update, you will require a FAT 32 formatted USB memory stick, larger than 256Mb, connected to any USB port on the side of the TV.

Using the remote control, highlight and select “Yes”, this will allow the update to be performed.

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