Updating svn client

This doesn't actually update any of your files—it just shows you which files will be updated if you then use Causes a Subversion subcommand that traverses the history of a versioned resource to stop harvesting that historical information when a copy—that is, a location in history where that resource was copied from another location in the repository—is encountered.

Requests that the client print out as much information as it can while running any subcommand.

This is useful if you're running Subversion inside an automated script and it's more appropriate to have Subversion fail than to prompt for more information., instructs Subversion to accept SSL server certificates issued by unknown certificate authorities without first prompting the user.

For security's sake, you should use this option only when the integrity of the remote server and the network path between it and your client is known to be trustworthy.

You can provide revision numbers, keywords, or dates (in curly braces) as arguments to the revision option.

If you wish to offer a range of revisions, you can provide two revisions separated by a colon.

(from Committers need to configure their Subversion client to handle the differences in line endings of text files on different operating systems.

Tells Subversion that your commit message is composed using the character encoding provided.

The default character encoding is derived from your operating system's native locale; use this option if your commit message is composed using any other encoding.) option to be accepted as valid.

To assert your intent and override these types of errors, pass the Creates and adds nonexistent or nonversioned parent subdirectories to the working copy or repository as part of an operation.

This is useful for automatically creating multiple subdirectories where none currently exist.

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