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RSpec’s documentation now recommends using system specs over feature specs.This seems reasonable to me, based on my experience so far with migrating existing feature tests to the new approach.This is especially important on projects that have gone untouched for awhile.

For example if you are upgrading rails versions then only update the plugins you have to to work with the update. You don't want to change too many variables at once because then it is harder to know what caused a bug.

Thanks to the Mike Gunderloy for compiling that document.

Here are some gotchas, aka issues, aka roadblocks to Strategic Enterprise Adoption that we discovered while upgrading some of them.

I removed coverage of Database Cleaner from the Rails 5.1 edition of the book, because it wasn’t necessary to make tests work in the sample app.

However, if you’re upgrading from previous versions of Rails and RSpec, you may have used this tool to keep database state from leaking across tests.

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