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A few years ago, we wrote a very popular post on how to make your website show up on Google.Not surprisingly, several users often ask us the opposite question too — how can I remove my site or a part of it from Google?This time, choose "Remove page from cache only" to be the reason for removal.After Google has confirmed your request of removal, the site or page removed won’t appear in search results at least for 90 days.

Now track down the page or site address mistakenly seen by Google.you have finished adding content to it), you can get it back to listing by removing the removal request in Webmaster Tools.Navigate to your Google Webmaster Tools account and choose "Optimization" "Remove URLs".Find the problematic address and request the removal of it by Google Webmaster Tools.But what if the search engine results already display correct information, but the cached page they provide still has outdated data — or even worse should be private?

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However, if the very same page or site is still accessible after those 90 days, then Google might index it again.

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