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We use several reliable servers, depending on the top-level domain in your query. If you enter an IP address, the tool will do a reverse DNS lookup to get the associated domain name. Typically, you'll see the following kinds of data: If the domain is unknown, you'll see the message "No match for domain." This is a good indication that a domain is available but not an absolute guarantee.

The server's information may not be up to date, or it may be unavailable even though it isn't registered.

This means that a minor change to any of the above-mentioned fields in the owner contact information, will, legally speaking, initiate a change of ownership.

Taking away the registration is one way to do this.This is the main reason why a whois result isn't a strong guarantee that a domain is available or unavailable.Every domain holder is supposed to provide contact information, which will be published through whois services.In the example above, [email protected] receive two emails, both of which must be approved in order for the transfer of ownership to take place.Note that this minor change to the first name is still legally considered a “transfer of ownership.” Click here for further info.

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