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Her friend Makayla Mortensen said that when she thought about sex trafficking, she envisioned a scenario similar to that in the movie “Taken,” and believed it was mostly something that happened in other countries, not in the United States.

Janet Drake and Eric Kirby take a moment to smile for the camera with the students who helped to put the human sex trafficking lecture together.

And she had a notebook that was full of rules; and he told her exactly what to say when somebody called in response to one of the ads; and she had to say the script exactly; and she used to get it confused, because she was high all the time; and so she wrote it down, because she didn’t want to mess it up, because she always was beaten up if she did it wrong.

One out of six chronic runaways are lured into the lifestyle, Drake said.

The hour-and-a-half lecture and discussion was sponsored by the SUU Center for Women and Families and the Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center as part of The Michael O.

Leavitt Center for Politics & Public Service’s “Politicalpalooza” series, as Director Eric Kirby called it.

Each photo was a mug shot, because the women – using the term “women” loosely, because many of them were young girls – had been arrested for their trade.

“Honestly, I think partnership is the most critical,” Drake said.

“We cannot fight human trafficking alone.” Commercial sex operations take place in the middle of sleepy-town communities, on ranches where there are few neighbors to monitor traffic, in apartments and basically anywhere that everyday people live, Drake said.

S., Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah, April 2015 | Photo by Carin Miller, St. Leavitt Center for Politics & Public Service presentation on prostitution and sex trafficking in the U.

George News Center in black and floral: Senior Assistant Attorney General of Colorado Janet Drake lecturing at at the Michael O.

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It is important to report any suspected activity, and there are both state and national hotlines to facilitate identification of this specific type of criminal activity.

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