Validating a digital signature

validate Example Validating an XML Signature Instantiating the Document that Contains the Signature Specifying the Signature Element to be Validated Creating a Validation Context Unmarshaling the XML Signature Validating the XML Signature What If the XML Signature Fails to Validate?Using Key Selectors genenveloped Example Generating an XML Signature Instantiating the Document to be Signed Creating a Public Key Pair Creating a Signing Context Assembling the XML Signature Generating the XML Signature Printing or Displaying the Resulting Document ). An XML Signature can be used to secure your data and provide data integrity, message authentication, and signer authentication.The easiest way to describe the contents of an XML Signature is to show an actual sample and describe each component in more detail.The following is an example of an enveloped XML Signature generated over the contents of an XML document.To attach a digital signature, you should have a Digital Certificate (Digital ID) issued from a recognized vendor.Certification Authority (CA) generally issues a PFX file and password which is required to register in a certificate store.The data is identified via URIs in one or more Reference elements.

The API is extensible and pluggable and is based on the Java Cryptography Service Provider Architecture.The function returns the verification result message (verif Result Msg string) and fills the Od Signature Description Data structure located by the address passed as a parameter (p Sign Desc).Also, it returns one of the following Od Result values: See related source code of the Od Dwg Sign Ex sample application for details (Drawing\Examples\win\Od Dwg Sign Ex).JSR 105 leverages the JCA provider model for registering and loading structures. The XML Digital Signature provider implementation that is bundled with Java SE supports the DOM mechanism.Support for new standard types, such as JDOM, may be added in the future.

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