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Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a meta-markup language that provides a format for describing structured data.

XML is the universal language for data exchange on the Web.

Below listing creates an instance of Xml Reader class and iterates forward through it, counting the number of countries in the document. The Xml Reader Settings object specifies the features that are required, rather than the actual kind of Xml Reader to create. The Xml Reader Settings object is created with these property settings and then passed to create method of Xml Reader. Create, along with the Xml Reader Settings instance.

The read method continues to return true if the node was read successfully.

For validation you need Xml Text Reader, so usual way of doing it (not really efficient, but working one) is Xml Text Reader r = new Xml Text Reader(new String Reader(xml Doc.

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The Xml Reader class supports reading XML data from a stream or file.

It defines methods and properties that allow you to move through the data and read the contents of a node.

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