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The Pro setup, including reboots for updates, took about an hour.The Mini setup was even longer at about 1 hour 20 minutes, at times the Mini UI reported 99% completed for almost half an hour without any movement.The Ti Vo Mini is a playback only device that lets you watch live or recorded TV.You need to pair it with a Roamio, and it acts like an extender for the Roamio UI.I installed the Roamio Pro first, hardware setup was easy, the out of box experience was rather disappointing.The setup took a really long time, and one of the first screens you are greeted with tells you that the install will take more than an hour.The Mini is very small, the Pro is thinner but wider than the Fi OS DVR box, the standard Roamio is reasonable thin and small.The Mini and the standard use small wall mount external power supplies.

The cablecard activation required a call to Verizon.

Compared to per month for a Verizon multi-room HD DVR offering 50 hours of HD recording and 2 tuners, Ti Vo is equally priced on a month-to-month basis, costs more upfront, but offers significantly more capability and capacity.

Amazon occasionally offers the Roamio units cheaper than Ti Vo direct, and wea Knees offers units with upgraded capacity.

New cablecards can be activated online or over the automated phone system, but previously activated cablecards that are moved between devices needs to be re-activated by Verizon tech support.

This was the only device with a previously activated cablecard, the other three boxes had new cablecards, and I activated them using the automated phone system.

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