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But seeing my contact info written on a post-it note rather than a proper form by the man picking up clothes in the dressing room did not inspire confidence. I asked if I could file some sort of report or give them my phone number in case the keys turned up.I went to the shoes department to pick up my shoes and check out when I was rudely greeted by Jaymie.Not to mention her being so loud to them point other customers stopped to listen.Don’t throw your gift cards out, go to the store and demand the cash. I replied You should stand behind your Nordstrom CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE MADE NORDSTROM’S WHAT THEY ARE TODAY!Reply First of all for you to go into a store and BLATENTLY DISRESPECT people who have nothing to do with your minor inconvenience is appalling.

becauce sometimes why they did very bad things to very good people, these bad people want to destroy them with lies and slander …another thing Racism and feeling superior only creates hatred and evil… or they family have bad feelings …they assume that other people are the same as they are bad remember please respect the privacy of others, Reply Sorry to report this bad news about Nordstrom.

A third brother, Lloyd, joined the business in 1933. They couldn’t determine which wear house received the order!

The three brothers ran the business together for 40 years. In 1971 the company went public, trading on the NASDAQ. From 1978 to 1995 Nordstrom opened 46 full-line department stores. is an upscale fashion retailer that has 252 stores in 34 states, 52,000 employees, and had .7 billion in revenue in 2012. I received the order yesterday and the box came opened with one item missing.

She tried to give me the same line and was not particularly friendly.

I said “look, your management decided to get political and disrespect your customer base, therefore I demand cash back on these cards now.” As other people were around the customer service desk, I don’t think she wanted to draw attention to what was going on so she capitulated. After being a loyal customer of over 20 years I wanted to return my gift cards and even called headquarters at the counter. Erica stated “We stand behind our Nordstrom people”.

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Since I will never shop at Nordstrom again, I took the cards to my local Nordstrom and asked for the cash back.

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  1. Ezzeldine, who wrote a short book called “Before the Wedding: Questions for Muslims to Ask Before Getting Married,” tries to offer her coreligionists a way of getting to know each other without violating the standards of the faith.