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Howard said Cosby also turned down an appearance on Letterman after this went down. King told Benjy to ask Beth if Howard ever persuaded her to do anything against her will. He said he'll listen to it eventually and maybe learn from it. Jon played a clip of Robin interrupting and Benjy yelling at her to shut up. Benjy said there are things that Al Ragone can do that he can't do. Howard asked Robin if she's insulted that nothing happened to her. Jon took a call from a guy who said that he has been a listener of the show since WYSP. Jon said that Benjy was joking but he was also saying he wanted to keep going without hearing from anyone. He said he's talking to Jon now and it's like a truck coming in and honking its horn. Jon said he wouldn't say that it's like a truck honking but he gets what he's saying. He said he thinks he's good at it and he can get better. Lisa said she hopes that he has more respect for them now. Howard said that this woman claims that she passed out and came to on his couch undressed. Howard and Robin asked some questions and Howard said that he took his penis out at one point. He drank it and stayed silent for a few seconds and claimed he was unconscious. She said she went to his apartment and he had a lot of cats. He said he wanted to tell him what a good job he did. Sal said they were going to be close to being naked. He said Angus is a great guitar player too and he goes all night. He said the stage show is amazing and he loves going to see them live. Jon said that Howard has to roll with it when he has a sports guy in there.Howard asked what drug he could have been using to do that. Howard said now Cosby is running his fingers through Fred's hair. He said that he must get anal pain from drinking beer. Howard said she also said that she had to make a doody there at his apartment. He said the lead actress was there and in the play she gets naked for the Elephant Man. Sal said they were going to play it by ear and see how it was going. Sal said he would steal the quarters out of the cash register sometimes. He said that they have Skrillex now but that was the kind of DJ they had then. Jon took a call from a guy who said he thinks AC/DC is the best show he's ever seen. Sal said he would say that Rush is the best he's seen. Jon said they do keep Howard up to date on some of the local sports teams. Gary said he remembers his first time but also remembers the amount of time after that before it happened again. He said you definitely get a renewed sense of confidence when you get it finally.

Howard said Cosby is staring at Benjy's eyes today. am Howard said Benjy will be interviewing his wife tomorrow. Howard took a call from King of all Blacks who said this interview is going to be horrible. Howard said Benjy went to a hypnotist and he sent him a tape to listen to be a better interviewer. Howard picked up on her and it was Wendy the Slow Adult. He said they were happy and ready to go in there and Howard just told them to get out. Sal said they were going to play ''Back in Black'' and ''You Shook Me All Night Long'' He said they practiced. He said he was totally blown away by that song right away. Jon said he loves talking about his farcical call thing too. He said he could have more finesse if he knew he had more time. She said she should have recorded herself talking to the radio. Robin said she was in an elevator with Cosby once and he didn't do anything to her. Howard played a commercial for that and they said Howard's least favorite person was going to sit down with his favorite person in the world for an interview tomorrow. Howard played some of that actual tape of Scott Schmaren telling Benjy how the interview was going to go and how he had to see it as he was listening to this. Howard said Benjy listened to the tape so he's all set. King asked if Beth ever pushes back when he wants to leave something early. He said he could do it right now if he wanted to see it. Jon asked who picked the songs in the jukebox there. Jon said he'd think he'd want to hit more stuff if he thought he was limited on time. She said she wanted to know how she deals with Howard when he's in a bad mood and things like that. Howard said Benjy would do that stuff without any drugs. Scott was telling Benjy there was going to be a flow of conversation and he's going to look at Howard and see a big smile on his face. Howard played another commercial for the interview and they called Benjy an obesity expert. Howard said most times she's right in sync with him. Jon said unfortunately they didn't get to do that but they gave a great interview anyway. Benjy said he thought he had something there so that's why he kept going. He said he thinks that Robin interjecting was unfair. He said they should have stayed quiet and let him do his thing. Jon said he wanted to talk about Hanzi losing his virginity. Howard said he has always found Bill to be boring and odd. Wendy said she's in Lala Land and she's not sure what she's doing these days. Howard said she's stunning and her whole titty is hanging out. He said then he realized that Bradley is a good looking dude. Howard said the director told him that wasn't half bad. Robin said they need someone like Denzel Washington. He said if he goes off and retires he may get chubby. He said he didn't get fat but maybe Howard would do that too. Jon asked Shuli to save them with his Howard 100 News preview. Jon ran down the list of segments that they replayed this morning and said he wanted to start off talking about AC/DC.Howard said he was shocked about people loving his stand up. Howard said that Cosby was on NPR over the weekend and he was asked about the accusations and he just clammed up. Howard played the clip and Cosby just shook his head no when the host asked him about the accusations. Howard said that this actress came out and said that Cosby drugged and raped her back in 1969. Howard helped her out asking her if she was being mentored by Cosby. He went with it like she was the one who was drugged back in 1969. Howard asked if the drugs made her permanently retarded. Howard said she's showing off her breasts and you can almost see her nips. Howard said he thinks they wanted to be seen by him. Howard said he's trying to be serious about this role and these women are half naked and dolled up in the audience. Howard said they dragged the guy out of there in a straight jacket. Robin said with that impression he doesn't even have to learn any dialog. Howard said he was thinking how great a Beetlejuice the Play would be. He said if he's not in the public eye then maybe he won't care. Shuli ran down a few headlines they'll have on today's news. Jon got in a plugs for today's Sternthology and wrapped up the show. He said a while back Sal and Richard wanted to do something crazy when they came in. He said they thought it would be funny if they came in and played guitar with their cocks.

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