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I want to make sure that the plaintext and key do not get leaked back to the server.Situations where this arises include encrypted pastebins,, Ian Coleman's BIP39 tool, anything else that generates or handles bitcoin keys, etc.So:- block all incoming and outgoing requests from that page- discard all data persisted in cookies/local Storage- ignore caches (to prevent timing attacks)I agree.This sort of thing would also be useful when performing client-side decryption of encrypted content.If it's not possible for the page to perform any lasting global state modifications, you wouldn't have to trust that the server is not shipping malicious code to exfiltrate the key or plaintext. I wouldn't trust such a set up for cryptography, the page could either use a bad RNG, or generate your private key by encrypting it with a public key for which they control the private one, so when you release your public key they are able to generate the private one.Wouldn't there need to be some sort of way to verify the client hasn't been modified in order to trust that?

That's why we have included the video capture into the library (but it is still possible to provide a custom Do you try with Safari ? We tried with safari, Ipad pro and Iphone X and it worked.It can only work with safari 11.2 at least and Chrome for IOS does not implement mediastream API yet (so no webcam) because it is based on a Safari Webview.If you have an app which uses the camera opened at the same time it may not work too. The blinking rects is actually the face detection algorithm looking for faces. Is there a browser that can require of each HTTP request?Yes this is a demo so the fallback use cases are not implemented (if the user does not have a webcam, if he does not agreee to share it, if he has no Web GL), but they can be implemented for more packaged apps and the error messages are detailed in the doc of Face Filter I did a big get User Media wrapper, the standard is very badly implemented.

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