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My cock was starting to get hard but it was inside the garden hose. She laughed loudly when she pushed the rubber teat in my mouth. She cleaned my face again and again, as if I was her baby. Well, first and foremost it's a fun way of sploshing about with all kinds of slippery stuff - now some would call it kinky, but we call it enjoying messy fun with food.According to the folks at Wikipedia (and who are we to argue) the definition of "splosh" is that it is the most popular form of something known as Wet and Messy (WAM), a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when messy substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin.Think slippery body lotion, milk (full fat or skimmed - either works) and also alcohol.Wine works particularly well on a female body, slithering down into a woman's willing crevices, begging to be licked off. Sexy food fun is where sploshing becomes even more fun.A love of chocolate, cream and booze helps, but is not essential!

“That’s not nice of you”, Margot said, “That is not the way to treat an old school friend.” “Men want female dominance”, Joanne replied. ” argued Joanne, “Obedience doesn’t come by itself, it must be taught! “What a pity everybody in the neighborhood would complain if I walked you around like this at the park. “Oh, by the way, Joanne has taken the keys of the handcuffs with her. Anyways, you don’t need your hands to comfort me, your tongue is sufficient enough ha ha! She realized I couldn’t say anything with the baby bottle in my mouth so she took it out, spilling juice all over my face. Margot interrupted “Sorry, Joanne, the poor thing hasn’t eaten for a whole day, let him finish the pizza first.” Joanne took a slice of pizza out of the box and pushed it in my mouth. Joanne turned me around, placed a hand on my throat and with the other hand my penis and balls and pushed me against the wall. “I understand, you haven’t forgotten me after all those years! I desperately needed to go to bathroom but I couldn’t communicate anything with the feeding bottle in my mouth. ” Still stunned, I was turned around, hands gripped my arms and I felt something clicking around my wrists: steel handcuffs. ” She squeezed my cock and balls hard while I was grasping for air. “And for tonight I have something special: I still kept of one the Lassie books we had in junior high. A mixture of tomato sauce and orange juice dripped all over my face.

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With her sweaty juices tasting better by the minute I realize I had found my final destination.

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