What episode of glee does rachel start dating puck

Shelby's ashamed of herself and sends a very angry Noah away.Noah goes over to Quinn's house and tells her a secret that gets cut out before we can hear. In Hold On To Sixteen, Shelby's choir, The Troubletones, is beaten and the group disbands.Santana and Kurt are so over this and are sarcastic, and Santana is the perfect Rizzo. What is going on with Will Schuester in this episode? He’s headed over to Mercedes to pitch some woo, when Rick “The Stick” and some other hockey bros slushie him. Mick Jagger hips.” Hey, hammer to anvil, guess what song they’re going to sing? (I was too busy trying to watch Darren Criss in the back row making love to his microphone stand. And right.) Raise your hand if you noticed how they kept poor Finn out of blocking for each camera angle? And it seems that this was “the date” Artie planned. [DRINK.] The girl can sell emotion, let’s just put that out there. Namely, Klaine.) Mercedes sings and immediately thinks of Shane shoving fourteen burgers in his mouth as the football team cheers him on. Hold the phone, she thinks of Sam Evans (as is right in the universe) and comes back to herself with a thud as Rachel takes the number on home. The girls console her and Rachel tells her to just listen to her heart. Emma’s mother essentially says that Emma is broken, and is he really going to tie himself down with that? And then he makes her promise to not say a word until he’s finished talking. Finn wants to be a part of something special, that’s all. ” And if you didn’t think they’d cliffhanger this, you’re not paying attention.

” to Mercedes as she sings, and when they cut to the T-Birds, Puck grabs Sam’s hand, , and then they “whoa whoa whoa! Rory tries to fit in (bless his heart) and the fake accents on the guys to sound like they’s from thuh Branx is funny. Sam may as well start speaking in Klingon and show up in his LARPing outfit. Cue the Charlie Brown music as Sam is left Forever Alone. Because, as Artie says , “You have rock-star hips.” Mike adds, “It’s true. [DRINK] And they sing “Hips Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 and Artie is outstanding vocally, as we knew he’d be, and the writers who have been denied their Schoner Boner story lines and allowed to put Will in slow-mo shots of ballet-type moves with added hip thrusts. Artie wraps up the song with a bow (Kevin Mc Hale, I love love when you get to sing R & B) and Becky has come to watch. They ask him what he thought of the first time he saw Emma, leading into Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face,” and that album of Roberta’s was on in my house daily when I was growing up. Rachel starts and flashes on the first time she saw Finn (aww) and she’s already crying. Mercedes snaps out of it and races to the bathroom, upset that she thought of Sam. Not really, Will, they think their daughter is awful and you’re about to saddle yourself with misery. He gets on one knee and hands her a soggy ring box. As the sister of a mentally disabled person, every time they use Jean or Becky to make a point about how they’re untouchables and how wrong that is, it utterly kills me. [DRINK] Sue consoles Becky with some ice cream, some Lifetime television for ovaries starring Meredith Baxter Burney, and a whole lot of love. He confesses that he’d always wanted to be a man like him, but now he’s worried that he will.

Her revisit to the school will get her in a better relationship with Rachel, better take care of Beth Corcoran, her daughter, and be close to both Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman, the real parents of Beth.

Though Shelby promised not to interfere with Will's club, she indirectly attracts Mercedes Jones, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce through the message of an all - girls group who doesn't signal any single person out.

During Mash Off, Noah tries to woe Shelby by flirting with her and telling her that he's the one for him.

Shelby's embarrassed of what she did and is not yet ready to go public with such a younger relationship.

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