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Again, I really adore Wallace Hou..the extent of waiting for His new drama to watch on line every Thursday early in the morning! we still support Him wholeheartedly, and am sorry if am being like this..couldn't help myself. Regards.....huhuh..i don't my co mment has to do anything being 'handsome' (w/c i agree!) love him really..i look or think at him highly to be perfect gentleman!Chen Qiao En said that "My boyfriend works with exchange rates. Although I'm busy filming right now and we can't meet up like normal couples do that often, but the two of us being together, as long as there's a will, just by a few phonecalls, we can still maintain our relationship.Qiao En who's zodiac's a goat, and an aries, is 29 years old this year. He accompanied her to watch "Fated to Love You" for 10 minutes and gave up after that, because he needs her to explain the story.(Chinese title The Mayor’s Wife’s Secret) headlines Chen Qiao En as the titular mayor’s wife and Ming Dao has a role as the mayor’s fixer who gets brought in to clean up the mess when scandalous pictures of the mayor’s wife supposedly cheating with a TV show host.I have zero interest in the movie but loved hearing the script snuck in classic lines from Frog Prince into their dialogue, and hearing interviews where both shared fond memories of working well on the drama that rocketed them to stardom over a decade ago.To the extent of finding his old dramas..movies..profile..news&gossip! But this only only one thing that am not agreeable....could he resort to hire a lawyer just deny his relationship to his former girlfriend?!? (don't get me wrong..i don't even really know Chen Joe..) but i think this is unbecoming?

There might be a reason, that us outside of their "world" don't know (J. might be in a relationship with someone secretly), for him to adamantly deny this rumor.

On Saturday, Joe posted a photo of a cat with a crab sitting on its head.

She included a cryptic message that appeared to address the current gossips.

“A crab that fell suddenly from the sky, strange and domineering, clutching the head and poking the eyes.

It teaches you that some things should be looked at silently, and then securely stashed into your heart. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Fans believed that the crab symbolizes the rumors, and that while Joe feels that being with Louis requires hard work, the challenges only made their relationship stronger than ever. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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At a Le Saunda footwear event in Shenzhen on Saturday, March 23, Louis was pressed by reporters to comment on the dating rumors.

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