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Christopher Todd Titus is an American comic and performer. It was said that she had an affair with the 60 year old guy when she was married to Chris. Whatever town my mother moved to, the second she walked into town, she would instantly attract the alpha loser of that town.

And when she's angry, you can still choose to be happy, 'cos, what's her deal ? My dad's from that era when you lived to 50, your heart exploded and that was that. Ken Titus taped a hotel key to his underwear to score with an airport security guard. Because a crisis, is a perfect opportunity to create new petty differences and hatreds! For me, the biggest hurdle to success has always been failure. In a crisis, my family puts aside all its petty differences and hatreds... Normal people are raised to believe that there's someone out there who's your soulmate, your best friend, your lover. by wearing the exact same flaming skull on a bedazzled Ed Hardy thermal. Come on, you push a guy's face in a cake he's got to clean it off. Sure, we feel a little alone and abandoned, but, we're... And Christopher Titus, well, he worked his dad for five grand. And then she moves out and goes and lives with her parents, pfft. This horrible decade where all of us men tried to be individual rebels... Screwed up people, who weren't coddled or raised with compassion, we get stuff done. Neil Armstrong, had to crank a couple of elbows into Buzz Aldrin's face mask to make sure he got on the moon first. And number three, don't be afraid of anything - except the television news because they're lying to you every night. I am going to literally - if [Sarah Palin] gets elected President, I am going to hang out on the grassy knoll all the time, just loaded and ready - because you know what? Every guy here had a woman sleep with his best friend, now your new girlfriend hugs your cousin a little long, boom car bomb.

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