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Of perhaps there is some mysterious conspiracy involved.But I distinctly remember arguing with some Nigerian women who did not want to believe that D’Banj and Kenya were in a relationship.My blog was quoted by some Nigerian blogs and I remember reading their comments about D’Banj (what the hell do you shout out in bed when that is your man’s name? I’m just curious) who is apparently quite the ladies man, or Kokomaster as the Nigerian women refer to him.

Perhaps I should check LSA as they steal every post on D’Banj is wildly popular in Nigeria and perhaps they have been keeping their relationship on the down low to avoid upsetting his fans.Yes, I know I am giving Kenya a lot of leeway lately, but she deserves a second look in my opinion.Also last summer Kenya flew to Lagos to host D’Banj’s Birthday party.I am assuming that this is who she has been meeting up with in Dubai and staying at Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world.

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