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The trio were seen recently heading out to lunch together and Ed has previously said that Calvin is a "really really nice guy".However, it looks like a double date is not on the cards just yet, with the red headed musician revealing to the uk that he's been way too busy for Taylor and Calvin to even think about setting him up.The 24-year-old explained: "I'd definitely do more presenting stuff if I was asked, but no-one ever asks."He also confessed before the show: “Every year I’ve gone to the MMVAs and every year I’ve had a lot of fun and kind of ended up drinking and kind of hosting anyway."Each year I’ve asked them, ‘Let me host it?’ and each year they’ve said 'no' and finally they said, ‘Yes.'”Ed is known to be incredibly open in interviews and his MMVAs appearance comes after he recently said that ginger guys were getting more sex in England because of him.

At least, Dwayne's Photo and READ MORE: * The five movies you must-see in June * What you need to be watching on TV this month * Five movies you must-see this May * The dozen movies you must-see this blockbuster season One of the inspired was novelist Jonathan Tropper, who duly wrote a film script called ; Ed Harris plays the photographer.

Matt works as an A&R man for a music company, but he is another true believer in art who finds himself out of step with the digital world.

Indeed, he is on the brink of being sacked for failing to make any profitable signings, largely because his nervous bosses won't take on any of the rock innovators he brings to the table.

He is persuaded only because it may give him a chance to meet the band that might save his career. It is clear enough where this dramedy of father, son and attractive, available woman is headed, but they have some obstacles to clear before they get there. It is easy to see why; his stencil-sharp face and piercing blue gaze convey intensity without a word having to be said.

That forcefulness has made characters who are very different from each other – his gritty John Glenn in (2010) once said that shooting Harris was "spiritual …

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