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Then she had the Mayer interview to deal with in early 2010."Yes, my phone has been ringing.

There were just one minor hitch—Johnson's divorce wasn't finalized yet.She was dating John Mayer, a coupling that didn't exactly inspire visions of wedding bells (nice as he was to later call her as addictive as "crack cocaine"). But she wasn't in the throes of a post-split crisis.Rather, was loving every bit of her newfound early 2007, pretty much flooring the interviewer who had predicted that Simpson would be in a much more fragile state of mind. And I will look you in the eye and tell you that I have no regrets about that. Asked about the onslaught of more salacious headlines since she and Lachey split up, Simpson mused, "It's that whole, 'They build you up to tear you down' thing.Nursing her broken heart, Simpson took to Twitter with a wistful yet upbeat message: "Everyone needs to know that hope floats..the strings and pull it back to you. Please lord give all of my beautiful fans, friends, enemies, and family rest.Bring all of us peace."She was linked to a couple of other guys, including "dear friend" Billy Corgan, whom she collaborated with on a track for her show .

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  1. Mc Phee revealed on Instagram that Foster proposed while vacationing in Italy. The couple got engaged late last year, after they met on the set of their movie "Chien." Paradis was previously in a relationship with actor Johnny Depp for nearly 14 years, with whom she has two children Lily-Rose and Jack.