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“Goodbye is still sort of like an amorphous thing because we’re still gonna be on Netflix, we’re still gonna be on i Tunes.

It doesn’t really feel like you really say goodbye to anything anymore,” Lucas told .

Tellingly, in her following post she corrected their mistake by captioning the image, 'Not a jumpsuit'.

Fans were quick to note that she deliberately answered the fashion question, but did not comment on her marital status.

You’re not going to get through this life without some scraped knees and you better have the internal fortitude and the spine to deal with it, because sometimes, you’re not going to have a whole team of people ready to carry you to the finish line.

A lot of times you’re going to have to do it on your own and it’s better that everybody else, in the meantime, prepares you for that.

“Back in the day, before recorded entertainment, saying goodbye was a much more permanent thing.

It meant something, I think, a little bit more than today.

So, before we say “see you in syndication,” spoke with the witty thespian about the final episodes, the advice he learned from working with his TV Maw Maw — Cloris Leachman — and why he’s a little giddy over his current project.

I think there’s a certain amount of closure in it, but it’s not a resolution. WATCH: Burt Retires From ‘How I Met Your Mullet’ (‘Raising Hope’ Finale Preview) Lucas: I think be fearless. You have to approach the world as a student and take away everything you can, or approach the world as sort of a casino and you’re sort of George Clooney or Matt Damon and you’re just gonna steal every f**ing thing from it you can. Or you could be Brad Pitt, or maybe Casey Affleck, but either way, you’re gonna steal a lot of money from the casino of life, Andy Garcia’s casino of life, and I think with Cloris, you sort of get the idea [of] like, you just gotta go for it.

Whatever idea is in your head, whatever song is playing in your heart, you’ve just gotta give that to the world 100 percent.

Although it was similar in its satirical lampooning of modern or futuristic daily life and media, it was also capable of being surprisingly—even shockingly—emotional at times.

I left my husband for a female lover who I met online but now she is torn between her kids and Today's headlines Most Read 'He chased me around the room in his tighty-whities': Absolutely Fabulous Original Run: So which village is YOUR favourite?

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