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He later took up the mantle of a Ranger once more and became the Black Dino Ranger of the Dino Rangers.

After Tommy's adversary, Mesogog, was defeated, he retired from Ranger duty and is currently a normal high school teacher at Reefside.

Utilizing his Dragon Dagger that he received from Rita, the Green Ranger summoned his own Zord, the Dragonzord, to destroy Angel Grove.

His brother, David, was adopted by Sam Trueheart, although the two would not meet until their teens.

At some point in his life, Tommy took an interest in martial arts, mainly karate, he later became a master at it.

Jason managed to narrowly escape his grasp when the other Rangers teleported him out.

While the Rangers were defending Angel Grove from Goldar, Tommy entered the Command Center and attempted to sabotage it again.

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The Megazord separated and the Dinozords fell under the earth.

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