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After the series redefining story arc "Blacklist," American Vampire would go on hiatus after December 2012's #34 issue.

He is best known for playing Dillon Quartermaine in General Hospital, Schuyler Joplin in One Life to Live, and Liam Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful.

The book is planned to resume publication in late 2013.

In May 2013, Snyder launched a 10-issue sci-fi series with artist Sean Murphy titled The Wake.

Snyder's presence in the Batman franchise continued with Batman: Gates of Gotham, a limited series co-written with Kyle Higgins dealing with the secret history of Gotham City.

Snyder's run on Detective Comics ended with The New 52 relaunches of DC's entire line of comics, where he relaunched Batman with artist Greg Capullo.

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The series featured a new mythology on vampires based around the idea that different races of vampire arose when the curse infected new people in new regions, and the series chronicle the rise of the first American Vampire, a sadistic outlaw in the Old West called Skinner Sweet.

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