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Finding the perfect Christmas gift is an awesome feeling, especially if it's for someone you hold close to your heart, like your kids.But it's not always easy trying to find the perfect gift.On the cusp of walking free at the start of the New Millennium after a 10-year stay in prison on a federal RICO conviction, recently-deceased New Jersey mob don Giovanni (John the Eagle) Riggi was done-in, at least partially, by his son-in-law Sean Richard, a true gangland rags-to-riches story and the man who in the mid-to-late 1990s looked after Riggi’s stake in the local labor-union rackets.Instead of a parole and going home to his Garden State mafia kingdom, Riggi took another case and was forced to do another dozen years behind bars.He testified in close to a half-dozen successful federal prosecutions between 2002-2010.The festive season is approaching and the trick for buying great presents is to prepare early.From his office at S&S Contracting and using Riggi’s deep union ties, Richard spearheaded kickback, bribery, bid-rigging and extortion schemes and the creation of slush funds and no-show jobs in the construction industry in both New Jersey and New York.

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Finally sprung from the joint in 2012, he died last week at 90, having reined atop the Jersey underworld for three and a half decades, most of which was spent as a guest of the government in federal correctional facilities.

Richard feared doing time in the pen and gave up his father-in-law and several more mob dignitaries and union executives representing multiple organized crime factions.

Following De Calvacante becoming the syndicate’s acting boss in the late 1950s, Riggi stepped into his former capo slot in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where he held a formidable powerbase from inside his Local 394 (LIUNA), a construction workers union that came to dominate the industry in the state with Riggi’s star on the rise in the east coast mafia.

Finally indicted for a variety of racketeering offenses in 1990, Riggi was smacked with a 12-year prison sentence, however never surrendered his title as boss of the Jersey mafia, running the organization from behind bars via a series of intermediaries. Born and raised in the Bronx and hailing from meager, lower middle-class beginnings, Richard was a non-mob connected carpenter and labor foreman when he met and started dating John Riggi’s daughter, Sara, in 1995.

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