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The photoshoot pics all end up on SUR t-shirts, the SUR website, and a coffee table book that I can't even got a copy of (which I've repeatedly asked for).

He doesn't mind making himself look bad in the process. He even invited me to his b-day dinner and tried to act like everything was cool.Until then, I had only talked to people who all had the same thing in common. Also he has known the entire history of our relationship since the very VERY beginning.""Doug and I spent hours looking for programs to see if it would be possible to insert new text into already existing conversations.But, how was it possible to have them put in at the exact time they were supposedly sent, the day after Peter's birthday?I hated the situation I was in, but most of all, this was maybe the beginning of accepting that this had probably actually happened. "What really got me to finally accept the fact that Kristen had actually slept with Jax was going to see my friend since sixth grade, Doug, after the photoshoot.Doug had nothing to do with the situation, but knew everything about it.

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