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It was said that a cool breeze followed them around the house.

Me and 5 friends went there last friday, and you cant get in the front so we went around back.Also if you have any additional information id love to know. and like 2 years ago, back when the upstairs door was locked, my friend angie had a crazy dream about that house, with a girl who went in and she pulled up the floorboards, and pulled out a book, so she went there alone that night it was so creepy to her, and she broke open the door and got the book, it was fircken the little girls journal, and she read it and had nightmares every night she had it until she burned it. and my friend went into that house and he said that the girls window was boarded up and when he left it was open, or cracked opened.if there was a if there was a waterfall going into the basement that would make sense because there are glass jars scattered all over the floor, they basically cover the entire floor, so the water could or ruined boxes they were in and the jars could of floated all over the place…My mom works at the laurels in lowell, its the nursing home.And my mom knew the last person to live there, she died in the nursing home abotu 5 years ago.

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if you want to go in it my best advice would be to park on one of the dead end streets before and walk so you dont get caught. Its Adam again i understand wat u mean about the whole pooping thing, i seen her pooping off the side of the roof, and swearing. The last time we tried,we had a video cam and 3 digital cams, but some guy drove by are parked car and stopped and called the cops on his cell. All you people who say you have pictures of weird **** like the girls face . The first time we were just scoping it out and we took the pics.

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