Wpf listview binding not updating

This topic provides data binding performance recommendations.Before discussing data binding performance issues, it is worthwhile to explore how the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) data binding engine resolves object references for binding.This sequence of reflection operations is potentially very time-consuming from a performance perspective.The second method for resolving object references involves a CLR source object that implements the INotify Property Changed interface, and a source property that is a CLR property.In this case, the data binding engine uses reflection directly on the source type and gets the required property.This is still not the optimal method, but it will cost less in working set requirements than the first method.The table below compares the speed of data binding the Text property of one thousand Text Block elements using these three methods.There is a significant performance impact when you data bind to a single CLR object with thousands of properties.

This is the optimal method for resolving object references used for data binding.That assumption would prove false; in actuality, the change will not be reflected in the List Box automatically.This is because the CLR List object does not automatically raise a collection changed event.object that holds a list of employees that you want to display in a List Box.To create a correspondence between these two objects, you would bind your employee list to the Items Source property of the List Box.

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However, suppose you have a new employee joining your group.

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