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860— official GAZETTE / March 4, 1&69 Foreign Patents Received in the Search Center us of January 31, 1969 source Date received Australia. ) Austria Belgium Canada Czecboslovakla Denmark I Fremiaeggeistkrijter) . The mixer is being driven by an engine at the rear of the mixer near the driv- ing wheels while the mixing drum and mortar box are at the front.

The agitator in the drum mixes the mortar while it is being moved.

The proposed changes are intended to expedite the process of title searching prior to issuance of patent to assignee.

IS, 1969 3,888,028 Rales of Practice in Patent Cases [37 CFR Part 1) Proposed Changes Relating to Issuance of Patent to Assignee The Patent Office is considering changes in its rules of practice relating to issuance of patent to assignee. WRIT- ING SYSTEM HAVING ORDINATE AND ABSCISSA READER MEANS.

Each tube is notched downwardly through its top wall and a side wall lying under the T-bars to receive the leg of the T, the end of which bears approximately against the unnotched side wall of the tubular support. The kiln is a refractory-lined cylindrical metal shell with an in- ternal heat exchange structure composed of a central opening and a series of circumferentially-arranged rela- tively thin metal-walled compartments. A stream of hot gases", from the combustion of fuel is delivered to the discharge end of the kiln and is passed through the compartments and the central opening of the i^t. C21c 5 46; B05b 15 00 heat exchange structure in countercurrent flow to the material. Spltzer, Hampton, Va., assignor to the United States of America as represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Filed Feb.

BOld 47/14 43 Packing element for fluid columns and the like with a thin-walled, preferably tubular body provided on all or 4.:.' "n= :-'i ^=&-^ A trickling bar assembly for blow-out towers in which a water supply is trickled through the assembly which is made up of stacked layers, each layer comprising a row of farallel nonwarping T-bars (which may be cut from conventional metal stock) supported at their ends by tubes which may be metal, rectangular in cross section. F27b 7/04 A rotary kiln for heat treatment of pulverulent ma- terials, such as Portland cement raw materials. In operation, the kiln rotates on an inclined axis, and the material to be heated passes through the compartments from the upper inlet end to the discharge end of the shell.

B28c 5110, 7/16 4 Claims The mortar mixer disclosed herein provides a con- venient self-propelled portable mixer and mortar box combination which enables bricklayers and other such persons to move their mortar from the place where the dry mortar is received to the place where the mortar is being used or where bricks are being laid with the mini- mum of physical effort.

Hereby enters this disclaimer to claim 1 of said patent and the terminal portion of the term of the patent subsequent to Dec. F02m 77/00, 1/16 A primer attachment for a carburetor is described for assisting in the starting of a relatively constant r.p.m. BO Id 79/00 Jr 3,430,934 PACKING ELEMENT FOR FLUID COLUMNS Josef Weishaupt, Pullach im Isartal, Germany, assignor to Linde Aktiengesellschaft, Hollriegelskreuth, Ger- many, a corporation of Germany Continuation-in-part of app Ucation Ser. 266—34 18 Claims readily detachable and replaceable modular metal units. Criss, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Dresser In- dustries, Inc., Dallas, Tex., a corporation of Delaware Filed Nov. 3,430,941 CONVERTER HAVING A CARRYING STRUCTURE OPEN ON ONE SIDE Josef Lambrecht and Hermann Schubert, Linz, Austria, assignors to Vereinigte Osterreichische Eisen- und Stahlwerke Aktiengesellschaft, Linz, Austria, a com- pany of Austria Filed Oct. 3,430,940 REFRACTORY COATED COMPOSITE OXYGEN LANCE George H. A refractory-coated lance comprising a tubular metal base surrounded by a plurality of layers of moisture-free, chemically-bonded, refractory aggregate separate by flexible metal foil.

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