Xbox not updating october 2016

As a result, the screen of the C6 can be considered one of the best 4K TV display’s we’ve yet seen in 2016.

Its color performance is excellent, with very high 93.9% DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage and full 10-bit color and this means full HDR qualification as far as colors go.

First off the bat, there’s the stunning Web OS 3.0 smart TV platform which we love so much as the replacement to the almost as good web OS 2.0.

We cover this in a bit more detail further down below in our “Highlights” section but needless to say, web OS rocks and we still consider it to be the cleanest, fastest and most user-friendly of the smart TV platforms we’ve had the pleasure of seeing among the major 4K TVs of today.

The OLED65C6P and OLED55C6P models also aren’t without their flaws, though by the standards of most 4K TVs, their defects are definitely minor and few in number.

In the case of the C6 line, only a couple of things really come to mind.

Only Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs would give them a real run for their money on high dynamic range, mainly due to their even better peak brightness, great (for LCD) black levels and possibly slightly better wide color gamut performance.

With zero light output in its black areas, the TV’s bright spots and color stand out with stunning vibrancy, and the result is a truly impressive infinite contrast ratio as well.

As a result of the above powerhouse performance metrics in color, black level, contrast and brightness, the C6 OLED models are truly HDR 4K TVs in the most robust definition of the word for 2016.

It lacks the truly unusual fanciness of the Picture-on-glass G6 Signature TV or its nearly identical E6 counterpart but the C6 is still a beautiful piece of display technology It’s silvery black body is elegant, extremely slim along the upper part of the display (a little over an eighth of an inch) and the bottom part of the C6 discreetly bulks out to contain the TV’s inner hardware but still remains slim at just over 1.7 inches.

The supporting stand is very similar to those of the 2015 OLED models with a firm, nicely stable and very flat dark base foot from which a clear plastic vertical support disappears into the bottom of the TV itself.

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