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The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group The Stanford NLP Group people publications research blog software teaching local Welcome!

The Stanford NLP Group The Natural Language Processing Group at Stan...

NM robots at NASA competition If humans one day colonize Mars, UNM may play small part..

Professor co-authors cyber conflict article Game-theoretic model combines strategic, technical aspects of cyber attribution.

During her high-school days, she won the 2001 Gatorade National High School Volleyball Player of the Year.

She also won ' Tucson Citizen' and ' Arizona Republic' Arizona State Player of the year.

The lavish ceremony was organized by Luke’s own cousin, Harmony Walton of Although the couple is married in 2013, till the dating couple doesn’t share any children.

The couple met at the University of Arizona where she played volleyball.

She helped with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ 2006 wedding arrangements.

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