Yoga speed dating

The up close and personal yoga has been an effective ice-breaker.

The men and women are a mixed bag, a fairly even split of the sexes and they range in ages, shapes and sizes.“Taking part in dating yoga is a great way to have quality contact with other people in a relaxing environment,” says Richard.

Just like traditional speed dating, where people go around a room switching partners every few minutes, yoga speed dating sees 40 yogis swap partners throughout the evening in a “hot, sweaty and intimate” setting.

You can then practise paired yoga moves and either chat away, focus on the moment or silently sob.

“But a few minutes on your mat with a total stranger will tell you if there’s an instant connection.” (Or it’ll tell you if you should’ve stayed in watching Netflix.) According to Go, which runs the classes, each dating session will consist of a range of “fun, flirty movements which are of course designed to be done as a couple”.

For those who are intrigued, classes can be found by visiting Go and searching for ‘Yoga Speed Dating’.

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The class is the brainchild of Raina Nemeth, a teacher who wanted to give her love-seeking yogi pals a space to flirt.

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