Young men dating older men

These children will take up his time, whether they live with him or he spends his weekends with them.

You will probably need to be prepared to be lower on his list of priorities sometimes, even if his children are grown up. If he doesn’t, are you prepared to sacrifice your desire for children to find love?

If the age gap is large enough, you may find yourself at a completely different point in life, which can be a bigger stumbling block that you might think.

“I had been supporting myself for years,” explains Becca of her ex. I could empathize with where he was, but the level that we related was different because of our age gap.” Perhaps more important than age, is the question of life stage.

The truth is, while dating someone younger can present unique challenges, a happy and healthy relationship is definitely still on the table.

You never know when you’ll find love – it often comes from the most surprising places.

There aren’t many of them as it is still seen as a bit strange for the woman to be older than the man but there are some and they are just like any other couple with the usual relationship ups and downs. The 23-year-old actor, whom she directed in Nowhere Boy, is 23 years younger than his 46-year-old wife.

Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich have a nine year age gap between them, Julianne being the older one.

You know, remember that song from that TV show everyone was watching in high school? But those things you can laugh off if everything else is going well.But over time, I realized a lot of this was just in my head,” explains Julie.After a few experiences, she learned to let go of some of her preconceived notions.Men who are older tend to be more ready to take those steps toward commitment sooner.” Karen admits, though, that age doesn’t necessarily dictate whether or not a guy is ready to commit.Often times it has more to do with how he perceives his maturity.

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